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  • Curtis Abbey

Get to Know Me

How did I get into golf?

My parents were both collegiate athletes with my father competing in the Division II College World Series in 1978 and 1979 and mother playing tennis at the community college level. Growing up I played a number of sports but one of my fondest memories was playing baseball in the backyard with my father. After swinging and missing, instead of throwing the ball back to my dad, I would use a golf swing to hit it back to him. In the dead of winter my father took me out to get a lesson at a local course. Due to the poor weather, one of the professionals, advised my father to bring me back closer to summer. The professional stated there was a great junior program with children my age in the summer months. Adamant about starting before the junior program the next summer I began during the rainy winter season. With the attention span of a typical 5 year old the first lessons primarily involved having fun. Whether it was looking at the bugs, playing with my raincoat’s zipper, or staring off into space, I loved attending my weekly lessons. After a few lessons my coach saw potential and an undeniable natural talent. After 19 years, I still possess the same love for the game.

Where’d you grow up?

Was born and raised in the Bay Area. Feel particularly blessed to grow up in Northern California, which is home to beautiful golf courses and nearly year round golf weather.

What are your favorite memories from Junior Golf?

Grew up playing locally in Junior Golf Association of Northern California (JGANC) and Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) events. Upon reaching the age of 12 I played in AJGA events traveling all across the United States. Some of my fondest memories were meeting new friends and having the opportunity to travel across the country. I have met some of my best friends and future bridesmaids through the game of golf and continue to meet new people every year.

Where’d I play high school and college golf?

Most of my junior golf career was strictly playing as an individual. This made high school that much more enjoyable playing on a team and competing against other teams in our league. Was fortunate enough to play four years of varsity women’s golf at Justin Siena in Napa. During the years of 2011-2015 I advanced to the California High School championships each year and was four-time Marin County Athletic player of the year. Most proud of the team winning 44 straight duel matches in our MCAL league. At the end of 2015 it was a distinct honor to be named the 2014-2015 Female Athlete of the year by the Napa Valley Register.

After high school, I decided to attend the University of Oregon in Eugene. Choosing to study and play collegiate golf at the University of Oregon was a rewarding decision. College golf helped me to refine my skills while balancing the demands of school, travel, and competitive golf. I am truly grateful for the team of coaches, faculty, community members and fans of Oregon Women’s golf that continually pushed me to be better everyday. The overall college experience enriched my life and prepared me for the next chapter of life.

Do I have any siblings?

I have an older sister that is exactly 10 years older. We share the same birthday, which makes it a lot of fun to celebrate together!

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I had the pleasure of playing 9 holes with you at Blue Rock Springs, your mother was there and I broached her with the idea of me caddying for you and she said “Get in line”… you signed my SJ Sharks cap and we wished you all the success you have already shown on the golf course, AMAZING… Keep it up, hope to see you at TPC Harding Park…

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